Our aim at Rockin Vans is simple: to help customers create their own memories, go on their own adventures, get off the track and experience the best that our country has to offer. Rockin Vans is a company inspired by the desire to see what’s over the hill or around the bend in the road. Its purpose is to aid and enhance the curiosity of people from near and far.

The largest family run business of its kind, Rockin Vans strive to deliver the best service for people searching for that sense of freedom. As Rockin Vans continues to grow, it stays true to its origin by providing people with the Freedom To Sleep Around. Rockin Vans Conversions started from a need to build rental vehicles for the Rockin Vans hire fleet. Over the past 10 years we have had thousands of customers use our VW Campers, which means thousands of customers returning from holidays letting us know what works and what doesn’t.

We have a developed a product that can withstand even the harshest treatment and works for our customers. Designing our conversions is a never ending process, we are continuously developing and improving our product. All of our workshop team are craftsmen at heart, they are passionate about delivering a product which goes above and beyond customer expectations. Rockin Vans started from a need to build rental vehicles for the hire fleet. We know what an exciting time this is for our customers. Most of our clients have been dreaming about owning their own camper for years. Once the journey starts we make sure we keep you updated every step of the way. Weekly updates from your personal Conversion Manager, including emails, telephone calls and videos. You are always welcome to pop into the workshop and see the build as it progresses.

History of Rockin Vans

From tots to teens, the Johnson brothers have experienced a lot of mountain roads and valley passes through the windows of the family camper van. From the Scottish Highlands to mainland Europe, the mileage covered in the bright orange classic VW T2 camper would rival that of a trans-Atlantic aircraft. This early exposure to camper van trips gave the boys the unique understanding and passion of the camper and leisure industry.

Rockin Vans Camper Classic
The brothers’ Classic VW Camper

A family of artists and craftsmen, Mr Johnson Sr. made his living in restoring antique furniture, a skill that takes care and patience to achieve. Whilst Mrs. Johnson influenced the boys in a creative sense using her skills and creative eye as an art teacher.

The foundation of Rockin Vans will always be genuine love of travel combined with a finely tuned skill set built up over a life time.

Before the brothers had even thought about joining forces, they we working at two separate ends of the country. Callum was based in Scotland running his own business, meanwhile Frazer was working in Pinewood Studios in London as a prop maker on films such as Harry Potter. The skills they were learning separately would eventually come together to create the Rockin Vans we know today.

The two brothers tried to hire a camper to attend T in the Park festival in Scotland but soon realised that every camper hire business they contacted had no availability.

Although at the time it might not have been a good thing, started many long late night pub discussions saw the start of the hunt for a camper to rent out the following summer.

The two brothers tried to hire a camper to attend T in the Park festival in Scotland but soon realised that every camper hire business they contacted had no availability. Although at the time it might not have been a good thing, started many long late night pub discussions saw the start of the hunt for a camper to rent out

Rockin Vans first rental fleet of T4 Campers
RV has come a long way since the first vans.

With extensive travel throughout Canada, USA and Europe along with plenty of life experience under their belts, Callum and Frazer decided to start a company together and Rockin Vans was born. With Callum’s savvy, business head and Frazer’s carpentry skills, the brothers started small with just two VW T4 camper vans in 2008. Doubling that within a few months, Rockin Vans was well and truly open for business.

They quickly realised the campers joining the fleet often required some TLC to match their own high standards. The brothers made the decision to start converting their own VWs, setting up their first tiny workshop in their parents’ garage.

Based on their existing rental customer base, extensive knowledge of the industry and high attention to detail Rockin Vans found its niche in the ever growing ‘staycation’ population of the UK.

Seeing the progress they had made in such a small amount of time and gathering business confidence and momentum, they took the next step one year later by employing their first members of staff. Taking on a workshop manager and several apprentices.

Realising they were now outgrowing their parents dining room (which they had used as an office) they took on a small yard to house their growing fleet. They then added 2 more cabinet makers to the team.

Rockin Vans continued to grow and by 2012, the first motorhome was added to the fleet as well as more staff to cope with the demand for bookings and conversions. Emphasis on customer service and vehicle maintenance was prioritised throughout these years which gave Rockin Vans the sterling reputation it has today.

In 2015 Rockin Vans took on more office staff to handle customer relations, rental bookings and marketing. Which meant the biggest move to date was needed. They moved to a premises just outside Kilmarnock, large enough to comfortably home the now extensive fleet of Caddy and VW campers, Midsize, Escape and Adventurer motorhomes.

With business busier than ever, Rockin Vans opened a branch in London. The decision to head south of the border has meant Rockin Vans hiring and converting camper vans to people across the UK. The company’s strong ethos of high quality and excellent customer service has remained firmly intact throughout all these transitional times.

The latest expansion of this dynamic and innovative company has been to launch its very own e-commerce store to assist people in the sourcing of parts and furnishings for their own camper vans, ensuring that they are getting the very best of what is available on the market for their campers.

Rockin Vans now employees over 30 staff across 2 locations. Focusing on delivering outstanding customer service and quality camper conversions. Rockin Vans conversions can be purchased from both the London branch and the main Scotland office.

The Workshop

Our conversions workshop is at the heart of everything we do. Much of our work is bespoke, meaning that both the tools and the team have to adapt to any job that comes up. Our workshop can handle everything from a full completely bespoke conversion, right down to smaller part conversion jobs. Many of our customers just want us to fit certain aspects of the build. Such as the roof, windows, gas or electrical system.

The Process

Our workshop is split into two separate departments. For a full conversion a vehicle will start its journey in our Coach Building workshop. The team in here get started changing your van into a campervan. The ‘first fix’ begins with the roof, windows and all services holes cut out. The van is carpeted, electrics are started and windows and roof is fitted. Heating systems are also completed in the Coach Building Workshop. The van then moves to our Furniture Workshop. In here the highly skilled cabinet makers build the furniture with the help of a CNC machine. The quality control part of the process is also completed here. Our team comes from a variety of different backgrounds, each bringing different skills. Including Cabinet Making, Carpentry, Coach Building, CNC Operations. This bunch can handle anything you throw at them! Get to know the team here. 






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